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How to introduce the Classic Blue Pantone in your furniture

Each year, Pantone selects a color of the year inspired by the new trends.

The Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue, “a timeless blue”, “as evocative as the sky at dusk”, according to the company’s website.

A deep, dark blue, preferred by many interior designers for its versatility and which, from an emotional point of view, has always represented calm and reliability. 

With all the instability in the world, Classic Blue symbolizes the stability, introspection and clarity with which to begin the new decade.

Classic Blue is a color you can count on to make your home welcoming, comfortable and fashionable.

Classic Blue and interior design

Interior designers suggest introducing Classic Blue in a room through various additions to the furniture:

  • a classic blue sofa, with the addition of decorative elements – such as cushions, curtains and carpets – in warm tones;
  • a wall painted in classic blue, to give a captivating touch to the environment;
  • an island in the kitchen or a piece of furniture in the bathroom in classic blue, to make the spaces you spend a lot of time in more interesting;
  • the doors of the kitchen cabinets, painted in classic blue, combined with a black and white worktop and metal elements, such as taps and fittings;
  • in an open space a classic blue carpet can help separate the kitchen area from the living room.

Let’s now see in detail how you can introduce this color into your furniture, thanks to our style advice.

Classic Blue accents

If you don’t know this colour, it’s better if you start introducing classic blue in small doses. 

Combining blue and white is very easy: match Classic Blue cushions with neutral shades for a classic and elegant touch. 

Give a touch of style to the most welcoming areas of your home, such as a reading area or breakfast corner.

The addition of classic blue accents in some areas will help you end or start the day in a relaxed way.

Classic Blue in the bedroom and living room

To make your bedroom elegant and sophisticated, add a classic blue velvet headboard. 

The soft quilted upholstery creates a focal point, which can be combined with white or natural colored furnishing elements, such as a wooden bedside table. 

In the living room, add a Classic Blue velvet sofa to give it a chic touch thanks to its deep shade.

The tactile texture of the velvet fabric will give your living room a sophisticated and comfortable feel. 

For an extra touch of glamour, add comfortable cushions and an elegant brass coffee table.

Classic Blue walls

Classic Blue on the walls gives the rooms an airy look, but painting the whole room blue is too much, you can experiment with two-tone walls.

The two-tone effect creates a relaxed atmosphere, in which it is easy to incorporate natural elements such as rattan, jute and linen. 

You can also try a single wall in Classic Blue shades to focus attention on the relaxing appearance of this color.

In addition, Classic Blue combined with warm tones warms the room and if it seems too dark, you can brighten the room with grey furniture and golden accents.

Classic Blue and vibrant colors

When you combine Classic Blue with white and ivory tones, you’re never wrong, but how can you give it a vibrant and eclectic touch? 

Try to match it with bright colors, and you’ll be amazed!

Classic Blue is an impressive color when combined with bright, contrasting tones. 

Enhance it in the living room with a yellow cushion carefully placed on a Classic Blue sofa and enjoy adding other bold elements that shine in the room.

If you want to dare even more, think pink: combined with Classic Blue, it adds a surprising touch. 

A pink sofa, in contrast to the dark blue walls, will make the room contemporary and trendy. 

Classic Blue and metallic accents

If the style of your home is elegant and modern, combine fantastic metallic accents with Classic Blue. 

Choose a room to give a touch of brightness and liveliness to, such as the dining room, combine furnishings in Classic Blue with neutral walls and metal accessories, such as the chandelier. 

In this way, you’ll be able to create a welcoming space, softening the metallic glow with the new Pantone color of the year.

And for that extra touch of glamour, choose a chrome table with blue velvet chairs and complete the room with blue Venetian blinds.

Here we are talking about details: metal and fabric, helped by the possibility of managing the brightness thanks to the Venetian blind, come together to create a fresh and contemporary space.

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