How to decorate your guest room

One of the greatest joys of decorating your home is to show the final results to family and friends and share with them the warm and comfortable place you have created. When you have a guest room, this joy is even greater because you have the opportunity to create a haven of peace for your guests and make their stay truly specialThis is why choosing the right furniture for a guest room is such a key choice. However, we shouldn’t forget how important other decorative elements like cushions, pictures, lamps, curtains and blinds can be.The best direction to take when designing the perfect guest room is to find the right mix between things that will make your friends feel at home with elements that reflect your taste and personality.If you still find this a daunting task try to follow our suggestions and you won’t have anything to worry about!

Create a relaxing atmosphere for your guests

Remember that your guests will use the room mostly to sleep and rest after a long journey, so your main objective should be to create a relaxing environment for them.They will expect to sleep in a comfortable bed and have a wardrobe or a chest of drawers to organise their clothes and other personal items.Choose simple lines and avoid over decorating and think carefully about colours. Choose colours like navy blue or other shades of blue or grey, as they will create a visually relaxing environment.If your space allows it, add a little desk or a comfortable armchair – this will give your guests the option to retreat to their room if they want to do something else there other than sleep.

Choose the right style of furniture

When you think about the style of furniture to use in your guest room, you should always keep in mind the rest of your home.The room will have to be stylistically connected to the rest of the house without creating a visual gap between the different rooms: furnishing it like it was a natural extension of your home is the best solution to put your guest at ease.You can decorate your guest room using the same style as your home, but you could also design a space with a different vibe, on condition that you don’t try to create too great a difference between them.

  • for a home with a classic style, you could opt for a rustic or shabby chic guest room;
  • for modern decor, you could think about using elements that bring an industrial feel to your guest room.

Remember to take into account the people who are likely to be your guests as you will have to think about the right furniture for them.

  • Double bed or single beds?
  • Are you going to need an extra sofa bed?
  • Will it be only for your family and friends or are you planning to start a B&B?

Think about these questions before choosing your furniture and then design a guest room based on your needs, trying to make it as relaxing as possible.

Keep your guest room clean and welcoming

The key feature for any guest room is to be clean and welcoming. It is very important not to clutter the room by adding useless accessories because you don’t want to design something boring.You could also add some fun elements, like a chair hanging from the ceiling or a colour therapy lamp while making sure not to install any objects that are difficult to clean or sanitise.Eliminate anything superfluous and anything cumbersome that attracts dust, like carpets, curtains and heavy blankets.Choose materials that are easy to take apart and clean, beautiful to look at but also functional:

  • instead of carpet, choose stain-resistant bedside rugs
  • instead of blankets, use practical duvet covers
  • instead of traditional curtains, install double-glazing Venetian blinds that will last over time and will always stay clean, as they are sealed inside the window

Double-glazing Venetian blinds are also available with remote control systems so that they can be comfortably regulated from the sofa or the bed, or even using simple vocal commands and your Alexa.To obtain more information about Sunbell’s double-glazing blinds, take a look at the other more specific articles in our blog.At first, these might appear to be costly suggestions; however, the many advantages that these solutions can offer will soon become very clear to you – like significant energy savings and very few trips to expensive dry cleaners.

Guest rooms: essential elements

After giving you a little advice on making your guest room more welcoming, here is a list of things that should not be missing from your guest room.

  • extra towels and cushions
  • litter bins
  • wall clock or bedside alarm clock
  • hangers
  • basic toiletry items
  • mirror

Now you can decorate your guest room without worrying about forgetting something, and you will be able to design something perfect for your taste and your guests’ needs.

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