Best fire retardant blinds to install in schools

Fire retardant blinds are one of the best alternatives to traditional fire-resistant curtains when trying to protect people’s safety inside a public building.Choosing to install them can result in saving someone’s life, and it’s clear that their presence is essential in public places like schools, for example.The materials used to produced blinds can be divided into different groups depending on their level of combustibility.A material is assigned a combustibility score depending on how easily it bursts into flame. When it comes to schools, only materials in the lowest combustibility class can be used.

Fire retardant blinds: technical aspects

Blinds and curtains are critical elements in case of fire. Especially in a school, they can potentially feed a flame and help propagate fire very quickly.Something else to bear in mind is that, when they catch fire, some materials can release dangerous fumes that can intoxicate or blind people.That’s why it is essential to use fireproof or fire retardant material in schools.Some materials used for blinds and curtains can be fire resistant (like some polyesters, for example), but it’s usually safer to opt for 100% fireproof materials.An instruction manual should always be provided when installing fire retardant blinds that will specify details for cleaning, maintenance and general lifespan of the product.Let’s take a look at the best fire resistant blinds to install in a school to guarantee maximum security for everyone.

Fire retardant blinds: which one to choose

Choosing a fire resistant blind is not an easy task, especially because you also need to consider the window characteristics.Not only they do they need to offer privacy and protection from sunlight, they need to guarantee safety in case of fire.Usually, the most efficient and common solutions used in schools are:

  • Fireproof roll-up blinds. They are practical and versatile, and they are easy to regulate, with the option of being filtering or darkening. Their functionality is guaranteed by a simple opening and closing mechanism that can also be automatic. Sunbell produces many different roll-up models designed from different materials, depending on individual needs.
  • Double glazing Venetian blinds are very effective in regulating illumination without limiting your privacy. In case of fire, no fabric-like material will be exposed to flames as the blinds are sealed inside the two panes of glass. Sunbell also produces this type of solution, which can be personalised and adapted to automatic systems, or integrated with innovative domotic systems.

A school with non-fire-resistant window treatments should replace them as soon as possible to guarantee the safety of both students and school personnel.


When choosing window treatments for school buildings, it’s essential to pick solutions that conform with fire and safety regulations.Where a school is still using old and obsolete products and materials, these should be promptly removed to reduce the risk of fire in the building.

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