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Furnish and protect your home and optimize space with double glazing blinds

The use of blinds inside double glazing can be very useful in the home, because it is always important to optimize space and adjust incoming light to make your rooms comfortable and functional.

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but very intense sunlight can alter your biorhythms, waking you up early in the morning and creating an excess of light in the rooms that reflects off walls, screens and mirrors to disturb the view. Moreover, overheating rooms forces you to turn on the air conditioner.

Double glazing blinds: the right lighting for your well-being

Usually, to optimize space it is sufficient to remove the superfluous, furnish with the right style and avoid cluttering your rooms. It is also very important to choose the right shutters to manage the light.

Blinds inside the glass are the ideal solution to reduce the overall dimensions of traditional blinds, and they also allow you to adjust the intensity of sunlight according to your needs.

Furnishing in an intelligent way allows you to reduce the accumulation of dust, allergens and dirt, making the house more pleasant to the eye and cuts down the stress of cleaning.

Having rooms with the right lighting, neither too harsh nor too soft, can have a positive effect on your biorhythm and mood.

This is especially true for small houses where you need to recover as much space as possible and the right light is essential.

Double glazing blinds: create your own space

Traditional outdoor blinds take up space, especially in small rooms, often preventing you from moving around easily or placing furniture and furnishings in an appropriate way.

Why not optimise space and furnish your home with taste and harmony?

Thanks to the installation of blinds inside the double glazing you can recover space, thus setting up the outdoor environment as you like, recovering air and eliminating unnecessary clutter.

Curtains inside the glass: the advantages

Traditional blinds are not practical, because they tend to accumulate dust and dirt and fade due to sunlight and the weather, as we have mentioned several times in previous articles on our blog.

Moreover, let’s face it, taking them apart periodically to wash them, ironing them, and then hanging them up again, is tedious to say the least.

Blinds inside the glass, on the other hand, have many advantages:

  • they’re elegant;
  • they don’t accumulate dust and dirt;
  • they’re not bulky;
  • they protect the rooms from the sun’s rays, effectively preserving wooden furniture and floors;
  • they protect from prying eyes thanks to adjustable slats;
  • they provide greater soundproofing and thermal insulation;
  • when combined with armoured windows, they provide burglar-proof security.

Double glazing blinds: practicality and cleanliness

Our house is our refuge from the outside world and it is up to us to make it cosy, hospitable and comfortable, trying to make the right choices in terms of style and furnishings.

By choosing curtains inside the double glazing, we can make our rooms more practical and livable, ensuring less dirt, fewer allergens and more order and cleanliness.

The adjustment of the slats with a double glazing blinds is more effective, because you can regulate the amount of light to suit your preference – you can completely block the view or adjust it without preventing visual contact with the outside. In addition, they ensure greater living comfort by avoiding overheating.

Double glazing blinds: how to increase the safety of window frames

External shutters have a dual function: they thwart the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by and protect the house, especially when you opt for iron or aluminium frames, which are very strong and have a robust key lock.

How can the security of external shutters be improved? By choosing armoured windows.

Yes, because even though it is true that external shutters are the first valid obstacle against attempts to break in, it is equally true that internal Venetian blinds associated with armoured and resistant windows are more difficult to tamper with.

Effective burglary protection could also include the integration of security glass, and blinds inside the glass can prevent people from looking into the house to see if it is unoccupied at that time.

As you can see, opting for internal glass blinds has many advantages, because they are aesthetically pleasing, they are easy to clean, they make the house cosy and provide security.

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