filtrare il sole in casa con le veneziane

How to filter sunlight in a home with Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds play an essential role in managing your lighting as well as securing your privacy.

This is especially true during the summer, when you want to use sunlight to bring well-being and a pleasant atmosphere inside your home.

However, you still want to be careful not to overheat your rooms and to avoid the sun reflecting on electronic screens or even damaging your furniture, as too much sunlight can make colours fade.

Unlike heat and sunlight, the negative effects of UV rays cannot be perceived by our senses, or only when it is too late and the damage has already been done. 

One of the results of continuous exposure to UV rays is the damaging of furniture accessories made of wood, leather and fabric, which can drastically reduce their durability over time.

Moreover, when sunlight enters your home directly and without any filter, rooms can reach high temperatures in the summer, which can only be offset by using air-conditioning systems

Venetian blinds are a great ally against the harmful effects of UV rays, as they can mitigate these problems while providing style and functionality.

To recap, filtering the sun with Venetian blinds can have many advantages:

  • Managing the temperature of your rooms
  • Managing sunlight to avoid reflections on electronic screens 
  • Avoiding the prolonged contact of UV rays with your furniture 
  • Greater energy savings

Let’s take a look at how to filter light with Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds for interiors: how to best manage sunlight 

Interior Venetian blinds are one of the less common options adopted, yet they represent one of the most effective solutions to filter sunlight.  

Their adjustable slats enable you to precisely regulate the intensity and direction of sunlight. By choosing their inclination, you will be able to regulate the quantity of light that enters your rooms.

As well as practical advantages, Venetian blinds also provide aesthetic benefits and offer a touch of elegance thanks to their design.

In fact, unlike other types of blinds and curtains, the colour of a Venetian blind does not affect the luminosity of a room, but gives it character and personality.

This is because Venetian blinds don’t just come in one model. You can find them in different designs and materials, such as wood, aluminium, PVC and fabric, and in different colours but, above all, with slats of various sizes.

The colour tone of a Venetian blind and its material will give the room the aesthetic character that you prefer, while choosing the size of the slats has a more functional aspect.

Choosing the perfect slat size for a specific window and bearing in mind the final effect you want to achieve will make a big difference in a room: larger slats – from 35 to 50 mm – are usually used to for exteriors or to separate interior spaces.

For standard windows, slats of 15 to 25 mm are more commonly used.

You can regulate slat inclination according to the amount and intensity of the light that you want in your room, and this can be managed manually or automatically.

Venetian blinds for interiors: manual and automatic systems to filter light.

The orientations of the slats in a Venetian blind can be managed manually, thanks to a system of cords or a stick or, more efficiently and securely, with an automatic electric system

With an automatic system, you can easily operate your blinds and change the orientation of the slats any time you want and with no effort thanks to a remote control, simply using a single button.

Another advantage of automated Venetian blinds is that you can also install them inside double-glazed windows and, thanks to this type of system, obtain aesthetic elegance, energy savings and maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

In any situation, the possibility to manage the inclination of the slats of a blind will offer you a reliable ally when it comes to efficiently filtering sunlight:

  • softer light will be perfect during the hottest hours of the day
  • allowing more light to come through will be preferable towards the evening, when the sunlight becomes more gentle.

This type of system also allows you to filter the light differently according to the different rooms. You will be able to have lower light in the bedroom, where you need to relax, and much stronger light in the kitchen or for your worktops and other areas, where you need more of it.

Lastly, but not less importantly, an additional advantage of all Venetian blinds is the possibility to close their slats entirely and to provide you with total darkness as well as complete privacy.

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