Glass and design: windows and doors to add light to your home

A house illuminated by natural light certainly looks better than a dark one, especially during the day.

Natural light in your home is a precious and very important resource to help create the right atmosphere, show off your furniture and, of course, save on the electricity bill by keeping the electric light off as much as possible.

When designing how you let light into a house, it is important to study what the various rooms will be used for: for example, a hall will certainly have different lighting needs than a studio.

Finding the right way to light your home improves the quality of your domestic life, because a well-positioned light spot can radically transform the atmosphere.

It is true that, usually, we pay attention to the interior decor with design details like furniture, but you can also decorate with light: large, top quality windows not only make it pleasant to live in the house, but enhance the entire interior decoration.

Light and heat: a winning combination

Windows and other openings in a building are sources of natural light that need to be carefully positioned.

Who doesn’t want a bright, warm, sunny house?

Many designers configure rooms facing south so that the house enjoys the sun throughout the day.

This means great energy savings which, combined with the use of double glazed windows, (which are functional in terms of insulation and lead to less heat loss and better sound insulation), ensure a warm, welcoming and comfortable home.

Insulating glass, or double glazing, is a window system that uses two pieces of glass, 6 mm or more apart, and is the ideal solution for combining thermal insulation and natural light. 

Double glazing blinds for maximum brightness

If you want to illuminate each room in the best possible way, there are errors to be avoided.

It’s understandable that you want to give each room its own identity, but you want to reduce the volume of window decorations as much as possible, for example when you have blinds on the windows.

They are certainly a great way to add design, but you must choose them carefully and according to the room’s function because, at certain times of day, they can reduce the amount of natural light that comes through the window.

One solution that you could consider for maximum brightness is to prefer internal blinds in your insulating glass.

The movement of a blind inserted in the cavity between the two pieces of glass, whether manual or electric, does not alter the insulating properties of the double glazing, takes place in a totally sealed environment and gives you the chance to adjust the intensity of the light that enters the room.

Blinds sealed inside double glazing require minimal maintenance and protect the house from dirt and dust.

In this regard, we invite you to read our article that focuses on the problem of the accumulation of dust in the house.

Brightness and privacy with Venetian blinds

If in addition to lighting the various rooms, you want to protect your private life from the neighbours, Venetian blinds are a very functional way of protecting your home from prying eyes.

Their operation and design make them suitable for any type of environment.

They are easy to use, can regulate light penetration, are available in so many colours and are simple and practical to maintain.

Natural light is a precious resource

In order to light up your house with natural light, the quality of the windows, doors and glass curtains you choose is very important, both for comfort and for energy saving.

It is therefore very important to rely on competent and professional retailers, who can recommend the most suitable solutions for you and have quality products in their catalogues.

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