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How to choose between different models of window blinds

If you have decided to buy window blinds for your house instead of other options, like curtains for example, but you don’t know how to choose between the many types available on the market, you will find this article extremely useful.

Blinds are an element of interior design perfect for modern homes, especially of smaller dimension, as they are an intelligent solution to save up on space.

However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t fit also in a house with classic furniture as they are very versatile.

Blinds: the perfect choice for bathroom and kitchen

Choosing a window blind is a practical solution that blends beauty, aesthetics, and functionality.

In bathrooms and kitchens, which are usually smaller than other rooms but are also rooms where we spend a lot of time, blinds are a perfect solution to save up on space compared to curtains which are bulkier and are more difficult to clean.

In these kinds of rooms, curtains are more likely to get dirty and, without a doubt, the work needed to detached or dismantled curtains is often not very simple.

On the other hand, blinds are usually installed just on a simple extendable rod equipped with steel springs which enable the blinds to be fitted in window frames of almost any size.

Window blinds: what model to choose

As we already mentioned, window blinds are very versatile and for this reason are perfect for both modern and classic interior design.

Their linearity makes them perfect for any style depending on the model, fabric or color chosen.

In kitchens the perfect models are:

  • for a modern style: white organza blinds with a steel rod. A simple model that provides light and elegance;
  • for a classic style: voile blinds, very resistant, available with rings at the top end that can be used with a rod to fasten the blind. If you choose a model of blinds that covers only half of the window, they will be add a nice touch of romanticism.

As well as the model with a rod fastening system, is also possible to find on the market models with velcro or small Venetian blinds mounted between the window frames stops.

There is undoubtedly a difference between straight and curly roman blinds.

Curly roman ones have, on the top end, the usual rod but on the lower end, they also feature bands that, when pulled towards the exterior, create the drapery effect.

With regards to the colors, white is the perfect solution for both modern and classic interiors as it suits any space and it’s the easier to clean.

If you want to give a romantic touch to your decor with this type of blinds, the best patterns are the ones with floral motives. Otherwise, you should use colorful and geometric patterns if we want to cheer up a bit your rooms.

In any case, because of the nature of these types of blind, it’s very important to pick a model suitable for the room where it is going to be used.

Blinds are an accessory with a very important role when we want to define the style, personality, and uniqueness of a room.

Standard or made to measure blinds

Another factor to not to be underestimated, when picking the model, color or pattern of a blind is the distinction between standard blinds or models made to measure.

Let’s take a look at the differences between these types.

Blinds for standard windows

Blinds for standard windows are all the models already packaged, easy to assemble and made on standards measures.

They are usually more economical, and it’s possible to find a large variety of models, colors and patterns for every occasion.

The packaged ones are usually sold in pairs to cover both sides of a window and are generally of pretty good quality.

Made to measure blinds

Made to measure blinds are individually crafted and are created to perfectly fit the window frame, offering you very high quality in terms of details and finish.

Compared to ready-packaged products, they are inevitably more expensive but they offer uniqueness and a perfect fit for your window frame.

Both kinds of choices are more economical compared to other blind systems more technological advance or innovative.

It’s worth remembering that they don’t offer advantages typical of other models like blinds for inside double glazing.

Standard blinds and Venetian blinds for inside double glazing: differences

In this article we saw the advantages that blinds can offer:

  • they are economical;
  • they offer light and privacy;
  • they are easy to install and uninstall;
  • they can be washed frequently.

With all these benefits why looking into other options like Venetian blinds for inside double glazing?

Venetian blinds for inside double glazing, which we already covered in other articles, can offer you even more advantages, practicality and functionality compared to standard blinds.

They are installed inside the double glazing and thanks to this innovative solution they don’t need to any cleaning at all.

As they are fitted in a sealed environment, they don’t gather allergic elements or dust and, as a result, they don’t require any kind of maintenance.

The Venetian slats can be regulated manually or with automated systems enabling controlled management of the luminosity suitable for different environments.

They can close completely guaranteeing maximum privacy and solar shielding or be fully open to offer a maximum view of the outside.

Fabric models for inside double glazing to darken a room are also available.

With the installation of blinds inside double glazing, you can benefit from substantial energy savings.

Their elegance and aesthetic are without a doubt capable of making any room sophisticated, clean and refined.

They have a higher cost compared to simple blinds, but they have a longer lifespan as well allowing you not to change your blinds as frequently, making one more significant purchase instead of several ones over the years.

To recap, if you need an elegant, modern and practical solution, Venetian blinds for inside double glazing might be the right option for you.

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