Mono-control Venetian Blinds: light at your service

The use of Venetian blinds in your home can offer added value both in terms of aesthetics as well as for your personal well-being.If you think about it, you will realise that very often too much light or heat can unbalance your system, making it difficult to sleep well or rest during the day, for example. The alteration of your physio-physical balance can cause stress and bad mood because our bodies do not respond well to what is imposed upon them by external factors, rather than the conditions they regulate themselves.This is why it’s important to choose blinds that can allow you to filter and regulate the intensity of incoming sunlight as well as offering you complete privacy by blocking the view from outside. Venetian blinds are very versatile and allow you to enjoy these great benefits, as well as being less bulky than traditional curtains.There are many different models available on the market, but the best in terms of simplicity and ease of use are mono-control Venetian blinds. 

Mono-control Venetian blinds: orientation and raising 

Mono-control blinds are very practical as they combine all the different commands necessary to regulate incoming sunlight in a single solution.Both the orientation and the raising of the blind are managed by a single chain that you use to orientate, raise and stop Venetian blinds in the desired position. Not only will you have great ease of use, but you will also benefit from a sleeker and less bulky solution because the blind won’t have the additional ropes or cords usually found on traditional Venetian blinds.

Mono-control Venetian blind: ideal for very wide blinds

The mono-control system is ideal for wide blinds because it has an advantage on the length of the chain – which is always the same, unlike the cords on standard Venetian blinds.Specifically, wide blinds of this kind feature a ratio – usually 3:1 or 4:1, that allow the blind to be raised in a fluid and effortless way.The mono-control system is also available for blinds made of filtering or black-out fabric, so you are sure to find the most suitable solution for your home.  

Mono-control Venetian blinds with a nylon guide cord 

Usually, picking the best guide cord for your Venetian blind, is a choice based on the type and dimensions of your blind.Installing a blind a with a nylon lateral guide is a particularly good option for installations fitted directly to the window frame and will help you keep the blind steady and always in the right position.

Mono-control Venetian blinds: which one to choose

There are many types of mono-control Venetian blinds available on the market. Amongst them, there are a few that perfectly combine utility and functionality as well as an exquisite design.

#1. 15 mm Mono-control Venetian Blinds 

15 mm Mono-control Venetian Blinds offer all the features of great quality blinds and are also very hard wearing. They will allow you to regulate the intensity of the light according to your needs and stop the blind in the desired position via a single control chain.

#2. 25 mm Mono-control Venetian Blinds 

25 mm Mono-control Venetian Blinds offer a perfect solution to many different installation needs.They are simple to use and install, and they will allow you to regulate the light, orientation and movement of the blind with a single chain and a single action.

#3. 16 mm Plissé filtering blinds

16 mm Plissé filtering blinds are very light and less bulky. They are suitable for any space that requires privacy, good filtering and diffusion of light.All these features will make you realise how many advantages there are to choosing a 16 mm plissé filtering blind adapted with a mono-control system. 

#4. 20 mm Filtering Duet blinds

Filtering Duet blinds give every room class and elegance because they are very stylish, especially in light colours. They also take up very little space.This style of blind will diffuse the light in a very gentle and soft way and, when used with a mono-control system, it will become a lovely object to look at, that stands the test of time and is extremely easy to use with a simple, single action.

#5. 20 mm Blackout Duet

Blackout Duet Venetian blinds are a useful and functional solution when privacy and darkness are essential. When lowered, they allow you to darken your room completely, but you can let more light in, simply by raising it.With this solution, you will also have the advantage and ease of use of a mono-control system.


As you can see, choosing a mono-control Venetian blind will guarantee you the advantages of traditional blinds with the bonus of a simple and practical mono-control system with a chain.

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