Come rendere la tua casa più instagrammabile

How to make your home more Instagram friendly

On social media, we often come across pictures of beautiful, perfect houses, with all the furniture and accessories perfectly curated. How do you reach this level of visual equilibrium between colours and style?

The harmony showed in those pictures is the fruit of creativity, smart choices and the unique touch of the influencer or interior designer, sometimes assisted by a few ‘special tricks.’

Presenting a home that feels welcoming and elegant is often the result of simple techniques that may pass unnoticed but will make your home genuinely authentic. 

So, do you want your home to be more Instagram-friendly?

This article will give you some professional advice to make your home look perfect in every shot.  

Declutter by getting rid of stuff

Over the last few years, it has become a bit of a trend: decluttering is more than just cleaning; it’s a lifestyle based on eliminating anything that takes room but is not particularly useful.

This concept applies to our home and our wellbeing, as decluttering can help us eliminate negative energy around us.

A thorough decluttering is one of those tricks used by influencers before taking a shot.

Just take a quick look at the room you want to photograph and then choose what to keep in sight and what to hide in a closet or put out of view. 

For example, in the kitchen, you can choose the appliances to keep on the worktop as a backdrop, what should feature more prominently and what to momentarily put out of sight. 

This trick might also be helpful for you beyond Instagram as it will help you determine the things you need most in the kitchen and the ones you use least so that you could eventually get rid of them.

Add accessories with different textures

You want to avoid showing a sombre and unwelcoming room but, simultaneously, you don’t want to add colours and accessories that could create a visual mess?

Try to add elements with textures and materials that could match or complete the colour palette already present in the room.

For example, if you have a grey sofa, you could add a visual detail like ivory macrame cushions instead of using cushions without a pattern.

Other similar ideas to add different textures is to use furniture accessories like:

  • cushions or covers,
  • trays or vases,
  • bean bags,
  • table runners,
  • ornaments.

You will notice how this simple process will make your home much more Instagram friendly as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

Add plants or flower compositions 

Plants and flowers instantly add a pleasant feeling of vitality to any room.

Their organic shapes soften the straight lines typical of the interior design and make the room more pleasing to the eye.

Try to analyse pictures that you usually look at. You will notice how having a plant or a vase full of fresh flowers in the room can make a difference between a regular picture and a picture getting tons of likes on Instagram.

Use glass jars in the kitchen

When you are thinking about taking a picture in a kitchen, remember to use glass jars where possible.

Inside you can put pasta, spices, cereals, and anything else you can think of. The result will be a great picture, perfect for Instagram.

There are many types of glass jars available on the market, but the Kilner clip ones with homemade labels are among the most popular for their look in a picture and how useful they are. 

Hermetic closure will protect your food over time, and labels can be easily reused or replaced depending on your needs.

Use high curtains or double-glazing blinds

When it comes to taking a picture in a house, it’s great to have high ceilings as this gives the impression of a spacious and luxurious environment. 

If this is not your case, two solutions could help you improve your picture.

  1. Hang your curtains as high as possible to create the illusion of a greater height and a bigger room.
  2. Install double glazing blinds, as with this solution, even with low ceilings, you won’t have the problem of big and encumbering curtains making the room seem smaller.

In both cases, Sunbell can offer you exciting solutions. Blinds from our Iconic and Rullo lines can be installed very close to the ceiling, while our double-glazing blinds for the Crystalline can offer many different levels of solar shielding with practically no encumbrance.

On top of that, Sunbell’s blind will allow the maximum amount and enjoyment of natural light available, indispensable for taking a great picture but also for your natural wellbeing.

Sunbell blinds will transform your home into a great, Instagram-friendly space with their elegance and, thanks to their practicality, they guarantee great levels of comfort.

Play with different shapes

The choice of colours and textures is not the only element capable of making your home Instagram-friendly. Another factor to take into consideration is, in fact, shapes.

Adding rounded elements in a room dominated by straight lines and square angles, or vice versa can make a space very stimulating from a visual perspective. 

You could try this with accessories like:

  • mirrors
  • bedside tables
  • coffee tables
  • stools or bean bags

Consider accessories made with organic and natural elements like wooden statues or lamps made of Himalayan salt that can revitalise an otherwise dull room. 

We hope that this article might have shown you how making your home more Instagram-friendly is not a difficult task after all. You will just need to follow a few simple tips and find the best light for your shot.

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