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How to prepare your home to welcome spring

What could be more regenerating than the arrival of spring, when the days start to get longer and provide a healthy warmth for the body and also for the mood?

After months of cold weather, you also need to renew and decorate your home to prepare it to embrace the sunlight and energy of the new season.

We have mentioned several times how some furnishing elements add well-being and living comfort due to their materials, colours or positions.

Furniture can also be modified with the seasons, to create spaces suitable for the new season.

If you want to give new life to your home without making drastic changes, here are some tips to help you prepare to welcome spring both inside and outside.

1. Use bright and cheerful colors

Spring is a time of rebirth for nature and also for us, so it’s a good idea to recreate this feeling at home.

The dark and warm colors that are so popular and suitable for the autumn season, or the cold and neutral colors that remind us of winter, should give way to pastel shades or bold fluorescent tones.

As far as colours are concerned, it is very easy to play with and renew some furnishing accessories without necessarily having to replace them and buy new ones.

For example, you can repaint the wooden chairs in the dining room or add a touch of brightness with light pastel shades on the cushions for your sofa.

If, on the other hand, you’re determined to make a big change, there’s nothing better than replacing the curtains.

2. Decorate your rooms with flowers and plants

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring fresh life to every room is to add a bunch of fresh spring flowers.

All your guests will be sure to notice the tulips, daffodils and eucalyptus used as centrepieces or placed next to a bright window.

Their scent will be a real treat for you too, when you come back home after a tiring day.

Embellishing your home with flowers is very simple and, thanks to their versatility, you can use them in every room, even on the bedside table next to the bed.

The same goes for plants, the ones you had to sacrifice because it was too cold or there was too little light over the winter.

Now that the sun sets later and the air is more sparkling, you can choose bright spring plants to lighten up your home.

They’re one of the focal points of any room and adding a brightly coloured plant will make the whole room look renewed and reborn.

It doesn’t take much to bring the joy of spring into your home.

3. Use lightweight fabrics

The time has come to put away the heavy bedspreads and replace them with lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Your bedroom can finally make room for brightness and freshness, and the less bulky fabrics will make it feel airy too. 

This also applies to the other rooms, which you can renew by changing the sofa cover, tablecloths, cushions or curtains.

All those furnishing accessories made of fleece, synthetic fur, wool and other bulky and heavy materials can finally be replaced by light and airy ones.

4. Add woven baskets to maintain order

Spring is the season for deep cleaning par excellence, so think about adding baskets to reduce clutter and update the look of your rooms.

A woven basket is a very suitable accessory for storing everything from toys to blankets, giving the room an elegant look.

Try using them in the bathroom and see how their neutral colour can help you combine utility and aesthetic beauty by just adding this little touch.

5. Renew your lighting

In addition to colors, fabrics and flowers, another easy and essential element to renew is lighting.

If you’ve had the same light fittings and lamps since you first decorated your home – and that was a long time ago – then it’s time to replace these outdated accessories with something more contemporary.

A new light fitting will not only help you visually transform a space, but when placed in the right position it can act as a centrepiece and, in the case of lamps, can be directed to create impressive lighting points.

Choose open light fittings and cold light bulbs to give each room a diffused light and an airy atmosphere.

In this case too, window dressings play a fundamental role, because although it’s true that lamps and chandeliers give light during the evening, during the day it is the window dressing that helps manage the task of making your rooms bright.

Having a window dressing that is easy to use and look after is the best way to not drive yourself crazy in search of the perfect amount of light during the day.

Remember that in addition to traditional blinds, there are some automated types on the market that can also be adjusted remotely.

In addition, they are quick to install.

What better purchase could you make to enjoy spring light comfortably?

We hope that these tips will help you to prepare yourself for the new season coming up without having to make drastic changes or get involved in endless work.

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