How to decorate your home using Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a versatile and functional furniture accessory that can adapt easily to any space and type of furniture, from classic to more contemporary styles.Venetian blinds can transform the atmosphere of a room: they enhance the interiors of homes and offices and provide a touch unmistakable style and personality.

Advantages of Venetian Blinds: between aesthetics and functionality

The key feature of Venetian blinds is their ability to unite unquestionable aesthetic qualities with practical design.This is because, compared with traditional blinds, Venetian blinds can filter sunlight more effectively and allow you to regulate the intensity and direction of the light with great precision.To offer increased ease of use compared with more traditional models featuring manual commands, you can now opt for new-generation Venetian blinds with electric motors that offer both automatic closing and slat regulation.Venetian blinds will shield you from drafts and will also protect the privacy of your home or office.On top of that, buying Venetian blinds is also a sustainable choice that helps protect the environment.In short, they are technical devices that shield your home from sunlight and help control lighting as well as the energy efficiency of your home.That’s why tax deductions promoting energy efficiency are available for people who purchase Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds: how to choose the right model

Being a great alternative to all traditional curtain styles, Venetian blinds offer a beautiful visual impact capable of restyling any room with great elegance and simplicity.Traditional rail curtains still have great charm, but they are probably a more difficult solution to pair with a contemporary home.On the other hand, roll-ups and Venetian blinds distinguish themselves for the sober, minimal design that is often a key aspect of modern homes.However, it is also important to keep in mind the practicality factor, as the installation of a roll-up blind requires you to take the type of window into account. For example, a French window can only be opened when the roll-up is completely closed. Moreover, they can also be tricky to uninstall and wash.Rail curtains can be very versatile, but they are not as visually pleasing as Venetian blinds. For example, your rails will always remain visible when the curtains are completely open.Going back to Venetian blinds, the market today offers a large variety of models and styles distinguished by slat size (from 15 and 50 millimetres), the material used (aluminium, wood and fabric) and the wide choice of colours available.veneziana interna al vetrocameraDouble-glazing Venetian blinds are amongst the most innovative models: the Venetian blind is placed inside the space between the two panes of the window in an environment that is completely sealed from dust, dirt and other external agents.It is easy to imagine how one of the greatest advantages of this type of blind is that it requires no maintenance and can guarantee great durability over time.To find the most suitable blind for your home or office you need to understand the variety of models available on the market and think about the style of the furniture they will have to go with, paying particular attention to the materials and colours already present in the room.By pairing with balanced colours and fabrics, you will achieve a homogeneous and harmonic final result that will offer a great visual impact.Let’s take a look at a few suggestions to decorate your home and office with Venetian blinds.

A Venetian blind for every room of the house

Essential design and functional elegance: there is an ideal Venetian blind for every room in your house. Models made with fabric matching the colours of cushions, duvets or even the furniture and other accessories are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.The ability to perfectly regulate the lighting in a room will allow you to achieve great levels of comfort: during the night you will be able to close the blinds completely and relax in total darkness. You will be able to let some light filter in when you are working on the computer or watching television and also raise the blind completely and let all the light in when you are writing or reading a book.veneziana salottoThe aesthetic rigour of Venetian blinds paired with plastic material is very suitable for a room of small dimensions like a bathroom and kitchen, where blinds are more subject to changes of temperature and the negative effects of vapour, dirt and dust.Maintenance is extremely simple, and the slats can be easily cleaned simply using a wet cloth.So there is no risk of your blinds being irreversibly damaged by stains, which are difficult to remove from normal fabrics.

Venetian blinds: not just interiors

Venetian blinds can also represent a practical and modern solution to furnish the exteriors of residential, commercial and public buildings.Compared with Venetian blinds for interiors, models built for outdoor use are characterised by larger slat dimensions and a wider distance between them.Usually, this type of Venetian blind is made of aluminium and features special mechanisms that protect them from the wear and tear caused by external agents.Venetian blinds are also great systems to shield you from sunlight and avoid the need to install heavy external curtains.

An entire palette of colours available to you

Venetian blinds can offer you great flexibility, even when it comes to their colour palette. Available in a wide variety of colours, Venetian blinds can even easily adapt to spaces designed for younger people, as they pair well with lacquered furniture with a more modern style.In this case, for example, you could opt for “plissé” Venetian blinds to achieve a lighter, fresher and more dynamic feeling.palette colorIf you are keener to go for a minimalistic or total-white style, Venetian blinds still represent a classy solution with their beautiful clean lines.

Wood for a welcoming and warm feeling

If a warm and welcoming style characterises your home, you can always opt for wooden Venetian blinds, which are both light and long-lasting, and choose a natural or painted finish depending on the furniture already present in the room and the effect you want to achieve.This type of material evokes a traditional colonial atmosphere – suffused, warm, welcoming and characterised by a light and dark effect that can be achieved by regulating the slat orientation.In addition, as well as for domestic spaces, it can be the right choice for a smart club, a showroom, an elegant restaurant or a luxury hotel.

Aesthetic rigor and functionality for your office

Thanks to a minimal and rigorous design, Venetian blinds are also perfect for workplaces and professional environments.They represent a sober and functional choice that can be used for windows that face outside to guarantee comfort and regulate incoming light – an extremely important factor for people working long hours in front of computers.veneziane ufficioIn an office space, Venetian blinds can also be installed on large glass walls used to separate different spaces and guarantee, when necessary, good levels of privacy without limiting the sense of place and the luminosity of a space.Venetian blinds are an accessory that can furnish with style and elegance both classic and modern spaces, while also offering a cosy and intimate feeling. Practical, functional, long-lasting and with modern design, they offer many advantages as they will protect your interiors and guarantee high levels of comfort on any occasion and at any time of the day.Design your home with light – find more about Sunbelt’s world – high-end double-glazing Venetian blinds and other innovative solutions to manage your light.

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