I 5 colori più belli dell'autunno 2021 per l'arredamento

The 5 most beautiful colours for Autumn 2021 interior design

Towards the end of summer, when the air gets cooler, you start to get the feeling that Autumn is just around the corner. As this happens one of our first thoughts is to create a warm and cosy home environment in which to relax and enjoy some comforting hot drinks.

This is why Autumn is a great time to reinvent your home, whether it’s by adding a few accessories that evoke the colours of the new season or even transforming a room completely.

In this article from Architectural Digest, Nicole Pivirotto, a designer who specialises in colour, shows us the interior design world’s five trendiest shades for this year.

Nicole has developed tools like the “Prism Oracle” and “Colour, Form and Magic” that can help us welcome the new season with exciting new colour palettes.

This Autumn focuses on chic and sophisticated tones such as prune, brick red, emerald, magenta and yellow cadmium.

These are all tones that you can use for making small changes or even bigger ones, like redesigning a whole room.

1. Brick red 

Brick red is a classic Autumn colour between orange and brown. 

Its earthy tones emit a sense of security and stability, while more orangey shades help create a feeling of happiness.

It is the perfect colour for bedrooms, living rooms and any other space where you want to enjoy a feeling of warmth, comfort and positivity. 

2. Prune  

Prune is an intense warm violet tone that will add a sense of luxury and elegance to any room. 

This colour represents introspection and in many cultures is associated with spirituality as it evokes the third eye.

It is believed the third eye, also known as the inner eye, is the seat of our intuition, and it helps us to perceive the subtle realities of life, beyond what’s in front of our eyes.

This sounds great for Autumn as it is by far the most ethereal of all seasons (just think about Halloween!).

The colour prune is perfect in any room where you want to create an atmosphere that is luxurious, intimate and contemplative – it could be a living room, a bathroom, or even a special place to use for meditation.

3. Emerald

When we say emerald we naturally think of tones reminiscent of the precious stone, representing the calm and abundant life of the natural world.

As the days become colder and leaves fall from trees, bringing more of this soothing tone into our homes could be interesting.

This colour is a reminder of nature’s abundance and promotes absolute relaxation in your home.

Emerald can be used in any part of your home where you feel the need for peace, as well as a desire to celebrate nature, like a workspace, a bedroom or a living room.

4. Cadmium Yellow 

Cadmium yellow cadmium is a bright and sunny colour for a touch of joy, optimism, and happiness.

It’s the colour of the sun and will add a burst of brightness to any room, which is going to be very useful as the days get shorter and darker during Autumn.

Cadmium yellow creates a feeling of trust and increases self-esteem thanks to its energising properties.

It’s perfect when used in dark areas of your home like storerooms and corridors, but it’s also suitable for any other space where you want to have a warm and convivial atmosphere like the kitchen and living room.

5. Magenta 

Magenta is also known as ‘shocking pink’, and it’s becoming trendy in many sectors, from interior design to fashion. It’s a colour that surprises and energises, creating a positive and reinvigorating break in your daily routine!

This is a colour that will make you think about ways to shake up your life and become more productive.

It’s the perfect colour for darker autumn days and a great option for kitchens, living rooms and any other space that needs to be reinvented with a bit of impact.

Autumn colour and window blinds  

Thanks to Nicole Pivirotto’s advice, adding the five trendy Autumn colours to your home will be effortless this year as all you need are a few simple touches.

With that in mind – adding new blinds is the perfect way to reinvent a room with seasonal colours.

Sunbell can definitely offer you beautiful solutions that chime with the current season using both Venetian blinds or roller blinds.

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