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Which colors to choose for curtains and blinds in the spring

The spring is finally coming and we naturally start thinking about the warmer climate, the smell of flowers and the longer days full of light and colors.

While embracing these new “rebirth”, we should consider a restyling of the furniture in our house, starting from the removal of dark curtains that can limit the amount of light coming in.

Spring can be enhanced in our house by simply changing colors and fabrics of our curtains and blinds, moving from dark and opaque tones to clear and light ones.

If you want to brighten up your home, here you can find a few suggestions on how to bring new, spring elements directly in your home.

Brighten up your house with a touch of color

With the arrival of spring you will be able to say goodbye to dark curtains that remind us of winter and instead welcome bright and warm colors.

By adding a touch of color to your windows, you will immediately bring a new sparkle in your house making the space more lively and more suitable for the season.

When you buy new blinds think about the possibility of mixing different colors, for example, brighter colors with more neutral pastel tones.

This choice will give your house a touch of contemporary design especially if your home is furnished in a modern style.

Remember not to go over the top though and to keep a simple selection of colors fabrics and models otherwise the risk is that your new blinds might ruin the harmony within the space.

Choosing bright colors

You should use bright colors for your curtains and blinds in order to keep your house felling large and bright.

You can celebrate the arrival of warm with a color palette made of green and pink and you should also consider the use of orange to brighten up neutral spaces.

Yellow blinds are a great option to bring warmth into a room and creating welcoming spaces.

Think about the possibility of matching your blinds with other fabrics and textiles such as throwers and cushions to complete a spring refurbishment of your house.

Try pastel colors

If you want to give your home a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, you should choose pastel colors for your curtains and blinds.

Spring furniture needs to get his inspiration from large open spaces in order to bring them the inside of our house.

Think about the pastel tones of the sky to give a feeling of ample spaces. Lilac color – inspired by lavender flowers, will provide you with a touch of romanticism during the spring.

To avoid your rooms becoming too monochromatic, mix colors with other neutral ones like white and grey.

Adding some pastel tones will also give the space a lighter and softer feeling.

Choose fashionable colors

If you like to be always up to speed with the new tendencies, then you need to pick Living Coral, 2019 color of the year chosen by Pantone, and mix it with tones.

Pantone’s palette some beautiful, bright and lively colors such as:

  • Aquamarine
  • Classic blue
  • Scuba blue or turquoise
  • Lucite green
  • Strawberry ice – a pink tone with a touch of red
  • Toasted almond
  • Mandarin

Changing the color of your blinds while following the new tendencies and mix them with the right color will give to your home the fresh new approach that it needs.

Change the type of blind

Changing the color of a blind with the arrival of the spring is undoubtedly the right choice.

But why don’t you go a step further changing your old blind with a new model that will  truly enhance your home?

You should consider:

  • Venetian blinds: easy to install in any window, they bring light and bright atmosphere to your room. Your rooms will finally feel fresh and clean. They are available for sale in many standard versions and many materials such as aluminum or wood and can be managed with simple control systems. Choose the one the better suits your needs.
  • Roll-ups: they give a clean an elegant feel to any room. The mix of efficiency and innovation, the possibility of using both manual and electrical control systems and a large choice of fabrics makes it a winning choice so many rooms.
  • Blinds for inside double glazing: they are the most expensive model but undoubtedly the most functional. They guarantee high levels of hygiene, privacy, and energy savings. A technologically advanced blind characterized by longevity over time and high levels of comfort.

Let the light come in

Don’t you like the idea of the good weather reaching inside your house now that is spring?

Follow our advice and let the sun in so that it can brighten up your house!

Choose blind and colors that will allow the sunlight to reach everyone in the home and this will improve your well-being thanks to the presence of more natural light in the environment.

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