Alla scoperta del bathscaping che spopola su Instagram

Discovering a big Instagram trend: Bathscaping

Bathscaping is the art of transforming your bathroom into a relaxing and Instagram-friendly room. The name is inspired by the so-called ‘Tablescaping’.

‘Tablescaping’ arose during the lockdown, when we had to spend time isolated in our homes, as the art of decorating a dinner table or ‘mise en place’ and it became a big trend on Instagram.

Inspired by this trend, we started seeing stories and also posts about Bathscaping in our Instagram feeds, focused on the idea of creating relaxing but also inventive atmospheres in our bathrooms. 

Taking a hot bath is universally synonymous with relaxation and wellbeing. However, it is always interesting to find new ideas to make the experience even more soothing and enriching.

This article will give you some advice on creating a fantastic, trendy Bathscape perfect for your needs.

1. Get rid of the chaos 

The first thing to do is to eliminate the visual chaos that might be present in your bathroom. Remove everything that is not needed: half-empty shampoo bottles, numerous face, and body creams that we tend to gather, or other objects for personal care like scissors and brushes.

The overall visuals impact is crucial for perfect Bathscaping, and that’s why you should keep only things that are strictly necessary for your relaxation in your bathroom. 

Start using a simple box or a corner somewhere outside your bathroom, as your utility room, to keep the things you don’t use daily. The ideal tactic is to use the “one-in, one-out approach”, meaning that you should keep one item in the bathroom and store at least another one. 

2. Buy a bath tray 

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, how many times have you seen a bath tray floating on a beautiful bubble bath full of relaxing objects?

Well, that is one of the key items for perfect Bathscaping. Bath trays, usually made of wood, are a perfect starting point for decorating your bathroom.

As well as being beautiful objects, they are also very functional and offer you a support area while you are taking a bath. When using a bath tray, you will have all the products you might need right there in front of you, but you will also be able to use it for books, candles, or your favourite drink. 

They are available in different models – minimalist, with bookstands, made with organic materials, made in different dimensions. 

3. Choose the right lighting 

Having a nice bath (and maybe taking a picture of it) with strong and intense lighting is not a very relaxing experience at all. During the evening, you could lower your lights or switch them off entirely and light your favourite scented candles.

The soft light and the aromatic scents will make it easier for you to reach a deeper level of relaxation. If you like sunset light, you could buy a Sunset Lamp which will simulate the warm colours of those hours.  

During the day, you can always enjoy the beauty and wellbeing offered by natural lights and, simultaneously, manage your privacy by choosing the right blinds.

4. Display your beauty routine 

Bathscaping is also an excellent opportunity to show your daily beauty routine in one shot. You can present your favourite face and body products that you use to nurture your skin.

And not just that…

A warm bath opens up the pores of your skin, and that’s why it is the perfect moment to indulge and maybe take a picture of your favourite face mask.

5. Attention to detail

For a perfect Bathscaping, you need to consider all the little details like towels, bathmats, and other accessories. Find something that can go well with your bathroom design, regardless of your style. 

Don’t go for boring items! This is the moment to be creative, even in the bathroom, adding design accessories or handcrafted items made of organic materials.

Flowers and plants would also add an extra touch of elegance. Don’t forget to choose your favourite relaxing music too!

6. Take a picture 

Obviously, after finishing your Bathscaping, take a picture and publish it on your Instagram feed or as a catchy Reel.

Remember to design something that you really like and that will make you happy. Bathscaping can only be perfect when it has a personal touch and when it’s tailor-made to the needs and taste of its creator.

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