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Why choose armoured shutters

Protecting your home is an intuitive and logical choice.

When you think about your home, you think not only of the people living with you and the hard-earned possessions you have gathered over the years, but also of the importance of your personal space.

Your home is probably the single most important possession in your life, and that is why protecting it is so important.

The fear of burglary is distressing, especially for those who live in a high-risk or high-value area – even if today, no area can be considered entirely risk free.

So, what’s the best way to protect your property from these possible dangers?

One option to take into consideration is undoubtedly the purchase of armoured shutters. 

Armoured shutters: why buy them

Armoured shutters not only protect you from potential intruders, but they also offer you other advantages:

  • protection from atmospheric agents 
  • protection from high and low temperatures 
  • reduction of external noise
  • ease of use

You should bear in mind that the preferred method for criminals to break into somebody’s home is to enter through the windows, as we discussed in the article dedicated to impact windows. 

This is why choosing the most suitable armoured shutters for your home should be a serious option to take into consideration.

These types of shutters are amongst the so-called passive security systems, as they prevent or slow down any criminal activity.

They are visible and recognisable from the outside, and they can discourage potential burglars wanting to break into your home. 

Modern armoured shutters are designed with blackout systems complying with the European UNI EN 13659:2015 norm, requiring a certain level of performance and the CE mark for all blackout closing systems.

Armoured blinds are also certified with different levels of security classification, which are rated on a scale of 1 to 6 according to their degree of protection against breaking and entering.

Models certified as class 6 are considered the strongest armoured shutters, as a burglar could take up to 20 minutes to break in.

In the last few years, many producers have begun to design technologically advanced products that are capable of offering high levels of safety. 

Armoured blinds: which one to choose 

Now that you are interested in buying an armoured blind, you need to start thinking about the most suitable model to install in your home.

Steel or iron blinds are the safest – they are very resistant to any attempt to break in, and they can protect your home very effectively.

Armoured blinds, like all other models, are also available with different types of opening systems:

  • single or double door 
  • swing door
  • Roman-style shutters
  • sliding on rails
  • with fixed or adjustable slats 

What ultimately distinguishes an armoured shutter from other models are the actual elements of its design.

As you can imagine, the most vulnerable point of a shutter is the opening and closing system.

Armoured shutters have thick, purpose-built components that make them resistant to being cut by tools and also feature anti-lift pins.

Some models are fitted with steel cylinders designed to attach the doors to the external frame of the shutter – very useful if a burglar is successful in forcing the opening system.

Other important safety characteristics are the slats and locking systems of an armoured shutter.

Slats are strong and designed with grates or circular reinforcing steel, which make any breaking and entering attempt more difficult. 

Locks are made of steel and have from 3 to 5 different locking points.

Now that we have looked at the different models and features, let’s take a look at the cost of armoured blinds.

Armoured blinds: how much do they cost?

The cost of an armoured blind can vary depending on many factors, as they are usually made to measure. You will need to consider the following:

  • overall size and dimensions
  • materials used
  • any special treatment applied to the shutter
  • different safety certifications


As we have seen, thanks to their safety features, armoured shutters represent a great alternative to standard window grills, which often are not very aesthetically pleasing. 

We advise you to ask for free estimates from different suppliers and then take a look at the various technical specifications that each solution has to offer.

After that, you will be able to choose the most suitable one for your needs and to protect your home and your family!

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