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What is a smart window blind?

In some of our previous articles, we have already talked about domotic technologies and smart homes. Transforming a traditional home into a smart home could be a long and costly process, so why not start with something as simple as your window blinds?

As well as being an important furniture accessory in terms of aesthetic and design, window blinds also play other key roles in our homes: guaranteeing our privacy, helping keep rooms warm or cool, and helping to save energy.

They are a vital element of any home and, when choosing them, you should consider their characteristics and the benefits they can offer carefully.

The idea behind smart window blinds is pretty simple: the blinds have a control system connected to an app that can be managed by your smartphone or voice assistants (like Alexa) to open and close them depending on your needs. 

They are really simple and straightforward to use.

How to use smart blinds

Thanks to a motorised system, smart blinds will open and close automatically and, in cases like of Venetian blinds, for example, you will also be able to choose the orientation of the blinds’ slats.  

Smart blinds can be remotely controlled very easily: simply by clicking on a button, they will open or close, elegantly and without jerking, and very importantly, they will produce almost no sound.

For some models, wireless battery-powered remote controls that can be easily fixed to a wall are also available – a very convenient solution that should not be underestimated. 

If you can run power cables to your windows, you could also consider installing models powered through the mains.

This solution will allow you to integrate even bigger and heavier blinds to your domotic system as they will be on a higher and continuous power connection.

If you are worried about having major work done to install motorised window blinds, there is also another option available: a wirelessly connected motor powered by a battery that is easy to install in an apartment. 

How to control smart blinds with an app

If you don’t like the idea of using a remote control, you also have the option of downloading and using a simple mobile app that will allow you to use your smartphone to control your blinds no matter where you are.

You can also use the voice control system linking your app to smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot.

So all you’ll have to do is ask your voice assistant to: “Open the blinds”, and that’s it.

You can also program when your blinds open and close, as there is nothing better than being woken up with natural light. On top of that, you will always be able to open them in your prefered position using vocal control systems.

Sunbell: Suncen with Ai-Sun 

Sunbell has developed Suncen Blinds, a specially designed control unit that can connect to the Ai-Sun app. Available to our clients for free, and already installed in blinds from the Suncen line, the control unit needs an internet connection with an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi repeater.

You will be able to open, close and orientate your blinds remotely, and you will be able to program different schedules depending on the day of the week or time of the day.

Ai-Sun is compatible with Alexa, thanks to its control unit Suncen Smart.

Window blinds can be controlled simply by speaking to Alexa using your smartphone, Amazon Echo or any other compatible speaker.

You will be able to create personalised commands and routines that will allow you to add window blinds in complex scenarios operating together with other smart devices in your home. 


Smart window blinds could be your first step towards a fully functional smart home, and Sunbell, thanks to its years of experience, can offer you beautifully designed, high-quality blinds with timeless charm.

Our models will help you manage natural light and room temperature, offer complete control of your atmosphere, and achieve even greater living comfort in your home.

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