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Sound absorbing curtains: what they are and how they work

Sound-absorbing curtains are the simplest remedy for unwanted sounds that disturb the tranquility of your home.

They are not the definitive solution to block all the noise coming from outside, however they manage to absorb the sounds, reducing both the reverberation and the echo.

In practice, the sound-absorbing curtains are effective to prevent the sound from being reflected on the walls and the windows: they absorb the initial sound wave and reflect it in a reduced way.

Sound absorbing curtains

If your aim is only to soften the outside noise to rest better, enjoy your home in serenity or make a public space quieter (offices, restaurants, commercial premises), one of the simplest solutions is to opt for sound absorption of a room.

Sound absorption and sound-absorbing curtains

Sound absorption is the phenomenon of attenuation of sound reverberation in a room. The reverberation is an acoustic phenomenon linked to the reflection of the sound wave by the surfaces of a building.

One of the negative aspects of this event is the risk of masking the syllables when speaking and, consequently, a more difficult understanding of communication.

Achieving a low reverberation time allows:

  • understand words better;
  • improve concentration levels;
  • reduce stress;
  • promote tranquility;
  • encourage you to stay longer in an environment.

The reverberation reduction depends on the quantity, quality and positioning of the sound-absorbing material placed in the environment.

An excellent method to have a satisfactory reverberation reduction in an environment – and consequently an efficient sound absorption – is to purchase sound-absorbing curtains.

The curtains are not only an elegant aesthetic complement to the furniture, but can also be used as an effective element to absorb sound.

As we have said, they do not completely block the noise, but their sound-absorbing coating effectively reduces the reverberation of the sounds, making the rooms more pleasant from an acoustic point of view.

The sound-absorbing curtains are inexpensive and available on the market in various types and colors.

This will allow you to choose those that suit your needs, whatever the style of your home.

Sound absorbing curtains

In general, fabrics are a great way to absorb sound and curtains made of sound-absorbing material can achieve an excellent result.

Sound-absorbing curtains are economical, control brightness levels, create an attractive design, are easy to install and reduce unwanted noise.

By achieving a decrease in reverberation, the brain does not have to process annoying sounds and is able to acquire a greater capacity to remember, solve problems and process important information.

According to ISO 11654, the acoustic absorption is measured by the alpha coefficient, whose value is between 0 and 1.00, where zero represents the absolute lack of absorption and 1.00 represents the total absorption of the sounds.

Based on the sound absorption coefficient the fabrics are divided into various classes.

sound-absorbing curtains

The noise reduction coefficient, NRC – Noise Reduction Coefficient – calculated according to the ASTM C423 standard, provides a classification with a single number.

This figure represents the sound absorption: the greater the number, the greater the absorption obtained.

The 4 models of Sunbell sound-absorbing roller blinds have reached these noise reduction coefficients:

sound-absorbing curtains

Each Sunbell roller blind is designed with precision to better manage the entrance of the light and ensure greater privacy for your space.

In addition to these advantages, roller blinds made of sound-absorbing material guarantee noise reduction and well-being.

Sound-absorbing roller blinds

Among the various curtain models, made with materials that reduce sound reverberation, there are sound-absorbing roller blinds.

This type of curtain is able to reduce the reverberation inside an environment, creating an atmosphere of well-being, as well as protecting privacy and limiting aggressive UV rays, protecting your furniture and valuables.

They are the perfect solution for those rooms where to create a pleasant atmosphere for a long stay and greater living comfort.

Simple and elegant, roller blinds offer a clean and contemporary look both to the window and to the whole environment.


Having sound-absorbing curtains in a bedroom, an office or a space that needs tranquility will allow you to better enjoy the environment, resting and concentrating fully.

The sound-absorbing curtains are the most immediate solution to reduce annoying reverberations and avoid the bad acoustics that can make even a pleasant chat difficult.

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