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Shatterproof Double Glazing: how to defend your home from intruders

Shatterproof double glazing is a delicate topic of discussion, as it is directly connected to one of our greatest fears – the nightmare scenario of finding our home violated by burglars, an ever-increasing problem that, unfortunately, we all have to face.

One of the first things to do in order to avoid stress and worry, especially when long holidays or the festive season are fast approaching, is to make sure that your home is in a good state from a security perspective.

Security at home: some practical advice 

There are a few simple precautions you can take that will give you some peace of mind, especially if you are planning to spend some time away from home. Let people outside think that there is someone in the house, by leaving some lights on, for example. Alternatively, you can ask a friend to check on the house now and again while you are away.

In addition to this, it’s always worthwhile taking other precautions to ensure that your home won’t be easy prey for ill-intentioned people.

Contrary to what would appear to be popular belief, only 12% of instances of breaking and entering occur through the main door. When this does happen, in most cases it can be attributed to the presence of exposed joints, insufficiently strong hinges or thin, weak doors.

In any event, installing a security door, chosen based on the needs specific to your home, is always a good move – and one that we would be keen to recommend to anyone. 

Window security

When living in a house in which the windows are within easy reach, it’s essential to consider additional security systems for them.

Shatterproof Double Glazing

One option to reduce the risk of breaking and entering is to apply security measures such as exterior grilles for windows, which are installed on the outer walls, or systems that will prevent someone from lifting a shutter.

In addition to this, if you can also opt for double glazing blinds which, in addition to improving security, will also guarantee energy savings – another great incentive to choose them!

Shatterproof Double Glazing: safety glass and laminated glass

Shatterproof Double Glazing offers increased resistance to attempts to break the glazing unit with blunt objects, and is available in several different product categories, each with a different level of resistance:

  • laminated safety glass 
  • anti-vandalism glass 
  • anti-crime glass
  • bulletproof glass 

Many types of solution are currently available on the market, and these vary in terms of the number of glass panes and the thickness of both the glass and the plastic (PVB) between them. 

Depending on their characteristics, different models offer varying levels of security performance. It is for this reason that it is always essential to verify their conformity to current regulations and remember that varying levels of strength are also connected to the flexibility of the glass panes and type of PVB installed. 

Shatterproof Double Glazing: laminated security glass

Depending on its design, laminated glass can protect your home in the event of someone repeatedly hitting the glazed window.

According to current regulations, this type of glass is required to go through several stress tests performed with different tools. 

  • 350 Joules when hit with a club
  • 300 Joules when hit with an axe

These tests are carried out following precise procedures, and the results will determine the appropriate security rating of the glass.

Shatterproof Double Glazing: anti-burglar windows

Being burgled not only represents an economic loss, but can also cause shock to those living in the respective home.

According to the latest data, 82% of intrusions occur through windows, as they tend to be the weakest entering points of a home and are therefore more accessible to an intruder.

Metal grilles can be a great security system as they are constructed using iron bars, fitted across the length of the window and installed onto the wall of the house with extremely durable fittings. 

In many cases, these can be opened using shutter or blind system, which also makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

Shatterproof double glazing with internal blind 

There is no question that it is possible to protect your home from intruders using alarm systems and other technologies. We, of course, recommend these solutions, however, reinforcing the access points to your home with suitable doors and windows is also very much worthwhile.

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Luckily, it is not possible to protect your home without compromising on style and design, perhaps by choosing security windows featuring double glazing blinds, which will also offer complete privacy from prying eyes…which is always a good thing!

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