i trend che influenzeranno il 2020 nell’interior design

Which trends will affect interior design in 2020

2020 is here and a new start means good intentions and a desire for positive change.

There is no better time than the beginning of a new year to redecorate your home and make a great start by doing something really inspiring. 

Your home must be a place of constant evolution, where you can keep track of seasonal trends and renew it with those closest to your personality. 

Year after year, interior design trends change and this allows you to always keep your home new and interesting.

As you prepare for this new decade, take a look at the upcoming 2020 trends for inspiration.

You don’t necessarily have to renovate, but you can evaluate and choose the elements and novelties that can be easily integrated into your furnishing style.

Let’s take a look at the trends that will influence 2020 in interior design.

The power of the abstract

A fun and lively trend is the one inspired by abstract expressionist artworks.

The geometries and patterns are bold, the hand-drawn sketches and the colour, which is cheerful and very incisive, is divided into playful blocks.

Just like the style of the art movement, this trend celebrates the beauty of the imperfect and the fluidity of handmade shapes.

This style could express your personality, since its purpose is to evoke emotion and create a state of mind able to involve your guests.

The colour palette is certainly cutting-edge, so much so that this trend allows you to try bold shades and combinations, such as burgundy red, mustard yellow, mauve violet and, why not, classic blue – the new 2020 Pantone colour.

This trend can be used in any room, especially for cushions, duvet covers, carpets and wallpaper.

Thanks to the abstract style, the interior design is more personalized, self-expressive, detailed and personal.

Nordic simplicity

This trend is the opposite of the previous one, since its aim is to create a serene and quiet space.

Your home should be a comfortable and welcoming place to relax your eyes and mind.

To recreate this interior design trend – an evolution of the Nordic Retreat 2019 trend – replace all the bold and shiny furnishings of your home with a few selected, neutral and softly shaped pieces.

Choose handcrafted pieces, made with raw materials and rough finishes, and invest in quality products.

Natural materials – such as hemp, rattan, cane and jute – and open spaces with a touch of green will make your home look bigger and give you fresh air to breathe. 

This style is suitable for those who choose to live in a sustainable way, avoiding waste and superfluous elements: a more welcoming approach in which nature supports the beauty of the environment. 

A simple and sober look composed of understated and minimalist furniture, offering comfort and relaxation. 

The shades on which to focus are neutral with a warm yellow base, such as oatmeal, natural suede and beige.

These can be combined with cream or warm grey – the Warm Grey in the Pantone table.

This style works in any environment, whether it’s a rustic kitchen or a small modern bathroom, however it will do best in the living room and bedroom, combined with a dark colour.

The comfort benefit

Linked to the previous one, another trend leads to the research of the benefits of both comfort and amenities.

The first approach is to furnish your home with soft pillows, enveloping bedspreads and synthetic fur blankets.

It is a way to make every room comfortable in winter and have a fashionable home to welcome spring.

This style is suitable if you consider your home a personal retreat and already have comfortable, enveloping sofas and wooden tables in soft faded tones.

The colour tones give emphasis to natural pigments with a mix of cold blues and greys combined with warmer pink and brown accents. 

To complement this, add a touch of moss green, which is easy to blend into a relaxed, neutral pattern, in combination with parquet floors and exposed beams or bricks.

For a more minimalist approach, choose roller blinds, a fusion of elegance and solid lines in one piece. 

The look of this 2020 trend for interior design is perfect for homes with a strong personality. 

The versatility of retro style

Retro style is a bold, confident and impertinent trend that will be back in vogue in 2020.

A trend that combines the sophisticated elegance of the 1930s with the luxury of the 1970s: turned furniture with rounded curves, fluid shapes and soft edges.

In any room, this style is a true statement of glamour, where velvet reigns supreme with tassels and fringes.

The colours to choose from are royal blue or ruby red, mixed with tones of ochre, pink and bronze. 

Add metallic touches – gold, copper, brass and bronze – and polished marble.

For furnishings, this style requires the presence of cocktail cabinets and bar trolleys, which create a convivial space around which to gather with guests to chat.

Design Japandi

A trend that has recently emerged, and will stand out in 2020, is Japandi design.

A mix of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, Japandi is a hybrid trend, able to combine the best of these two beloved styles. 

Several major retailers have presented collections rich in silk weaves, pretty bird motifs and stylized oriental prints.

This style is suitable for you if you adopt a “less is more” approach to your home, with clear spaces, clean lines and a calm and neutral colour palette.

It’s suitable for any room, especially the smaller ones, because they can seem larger and lighter.

Combining the elements of Scandinavian hygge awareness and the Japanese theory of “wabi-sabi” – imperfect, impermanent and incomplete aesthetics – this trend finds beauty in simple things.

Choose a soft colour palette with relaxing tones such as pale blue, soft green, light grey and pink mixed with stronger colour accents such as water green, indigo, rust, emerald and black. 

For decor, mix light Scandinavian style woods with Japanese style dark woods for depth.


As we have seen, following the trends that will influence 2020 in interior design, comfort always comes first.

Trends are increasingly evolving towards the creation of spaces that promote well-being and emotional comfort. 

Demand more from your living space and transform it into a place of calm and relaxation.

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