Come organizzare il tuo ufficio all'aperto nel giardino di casa

How to set up an open-air office in your garden

Due to the current Pandemic, working from home has become a routine for many of us, and most of us have tried in many different ways to re-organise our living spaces to make them more functional. 

We are now in the time of year when days are longer and warmer and during which it would be wonderful to have a perfect outdoor area.

Have you got a space that might work as an outdoor office? Are you thinking of using it to avoid being stuck inside your home all day?

Good idea! Working in the open air offers lots of benefits, but you have to think about a few potential issues too.

In this article, we will look at some of the advantages of working outdoors and give you advice on how to set up an open-air office in your garden.

Benefits of working in the open air

Working in the open air will offer you benefits not only for your general well-being but also for your productivity.

Beyond being more enjoyable, working outside will help you:

  • Increase your creativity – being outside tends to awaken our five senses and generate new ideas.
  • Sync your brain – working in the open air increases communication between different parts of your brain.
  • Reduce stress some fresh air in your private green corner can help you face day-to-day challenges.

To create a great outdoor workspace easily and without stress, you can find our suggestions for a perfect open-air office here.

1. Repaint the space

As we mentioned in other blog posts, colour is one of the most important elements of any creative space, especially if it’s a calming shade that can help you achieve the necessary concentration.

If your garden has a patio or gazebo, check whether the winter months have damaged the paintwork, walls or flooring. 

If that is the case, fix and repaint the damage so that your new outdoor office will feel nice and tidy and offer you an excellent setting for your calls. 

Working in a clean and tidy environment will help you concentrate. If possible, choose colours that you like and which will improve your mood:

  • neutral and natural colours – to create a warm and welcoming space.
  • pastel colours – shades like blue, baby blue, lavender and green can help you relax.
  • white – as it will give you energy and strength.

2. Choose comfortable furniture

When setting up your open-air office, you will have to choose a comfortable workstation, which is essential for the long hours you will spend there.

First of all, choose a chair that is comfortable and breathable even on hot days, as well as a spacious table to put all your tools and devices on.

In both cases, choose light furniture that will be easy to move inside if it rains.

If you prefer Nordic atmospheres, you should then choose carpets, cushions and picnic blankets.

Think about the location of your open-air office and its distance from your home. A wi-fi signal booster might be helpful over large distances.

Finally, if you want to add a few extra details, you should also install:

  • A small portable fridge: to always have a cold drink at hand.
  • An outdoor extension lead: to have more freedom of movement and avoid the need to set up your workstation too close to the wall. 

3. Choose fabric and shading solutions for exteriors 

When working outside, you will need to keep the sun and heat in mind. They can make your open-air office warm and produce intense light that will reflect on your computer screen.

To fix these issues, you could consider buying a beach umbrella or an awning capable of protecting you from UV light.

If you also have a patio or a veranda, another great option is to buy exterior Venetian blinds because: 

  • They come in different materials, including aluminium, which enable you to furnish both interiors and exteriors with elegance
  • They are available in standard dimensions but can also be made to measure 
  • They are available in manual and motorised versions. 

The most important thing is to choose Venetian blinds for exteriors with large slats as they are more resistant to atmospheric agents and, consequently, last longer over time. 

4. Think about lighting

You might have an issue of too much light during the day, while at night, problems of low temperature and darkness must be taken into account.

You will probably use your workstation predominantly during the day, but you might have an urgent deadline that makes you work until the darker hours of the evening.

In this case, you will need suitable lighting, so why not choose lights for exteriors or sun-powered lanterns capable of creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere?


Notice that the few ideas that we have listed here can also be used if you have a balcony or a terrace. 

Creating your open-air office will make your working hours more enjoyable and reduce the stress we have all suffered this year through spending a lot of time inside our homes.

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