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How to match blinds and sofas: 3 tips to follow

To make your living room more welcoming and balanced you should think about the pairing of your blinds with your sofa. 

It might look silly to you, but if you think about it, we don’t consider this when we choose our furniture.

We usually think about pairing the styles and colours of carpets and blinds or maybe the sofa with other furniture.

However, pairing your blinds with your sofa will make your room more aesthetically pleasing without creating stark contrasts in the room, even if these two elements bear strong colours or styles. 

Let’s look at how to pair your blinds with a sofa without being bland or excessive. 

1. Pair blinds with a red sofa

A red sofa can be very imposing in a room, and it might be a good idea to match it with blinds of similar tones.

By doing this, you will already have created two focal points in your room that will allow you to think about other accessories.

Walls and floors should be ivory coloured as using pure white would be too contrasting.

If you can’t find a sofa exactly matching the colours of your blinds, you can choose from shades of red/orange or even pink/cherry.

You could pair a red sofa with Sunbell roll-ups, using Artemide colours of the Screen line with a double intertwined weave or maybe with Athena colours from the Trevira line in natural cotton.

2. Paring blinds with a grey or beige sofa 

Do you have an elegant and minimal living room featuring colours like beige or grey and want to keep this style with your blinds?

To avoid creating a dull space, you could use colours like white, cream and ivory while making sure you play with weaves. 

If you have a beige sofa, you could also pair it with delicate ivory blinds or grey and brown shades like some of these Pantone colours: Malt Ball, Cinnamon Swirl, Weathered Teak, Island Fossil and Savannah Tan.

Take a look at sound-absorbing Sunbell blinds, capable of reducing reverberations in your room, especially in the colour of the Soltis Touch line.

A smoky grey blind could be perfect for a grey sofa, balancing your room and, if your room is small and warm, we would advise using blinds made of reflective material.

Sunbell’s reflecting roll-ups are produced using a light metallic surface on one side and Trevena fabric made of natural cotton on the other to prevent your living rooms from overheating.

You can find different shades of grey in the lines Mercurio, Mercurio Retro, Ermes ed Ermes Retro.

3. Pair blinds with a brown or black sofa

A brown or black sofa is a key feature of a living room, but if the room is small, the risk is making it feel even smaller if you also decide to use dark blinds. So instead, you should make your room ‘breathe’ by mixing and matching colours and pairing your sofa with different coloured blinds.

You could try installing traditional Venetian blinds or even Sunbell double glazing Venetia blinds (traditional, plissè or duet) to make your living room feel lighter and brighter. 

You could use colours of plissè blinds for a brown sofa while decorating the rest of the room in light colours.

With a black sofa, you should soften the room using the duet blinds range of colours and by adding other accessories like cushions and carpets in similar tones.


Remember that if you have an unusual sofa made of different colours, you can also play with other shades, weaves and fabrics.

Sofas and blinds are among the most noticeable features in a living room and, if pairing them seems complicated, a simple neutral colour is always a good choice.

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