Come scegliere le tende per il bagno

How to choose blinds for your bathroom

Over the years, the bathroom has become more and more significant in our homes. Today, it is the part of the home where you can relax, unwind and devote yourself calmly to pampering yourself, without being rushed or disturbed.

We can think of it as one of the areas deserving the most attention when designing, as we are creating a space where well-being and comfort are a priority.

It’s no longer just a service room, but a bathroom to be designed, planned and studied down to the last detail, from the choice of sanitary ware to the furnishings.

The selection of all the elements should no longer be based solely on functionality and efficiency, but should also take aesthetics into account.

No bathroom will be welcoming if the choice of its components lacks balance, style and harmony. 

There are often doubts and hesitations about window coverings, in terms of fabrics, types and colours.

Here’s our guide, divided into three categories: classic, modern and contemporary bathroom window coverings.

Classic bathroom window coverings

Choosing window coverings for the bathroom also means enhancing the décor style we have chosen. For classic style bathrooms, traditional curtains or American-style curtains, mounted on a rod, are usually used.

These are solutions that we do not recommend for the bathroom, as they will quickly be spoiled by the steam, and will have to be washed very often.

Instead, we suggest you opt for a venetian blind, which allows perfect management of natural light throughout the day while maintaining privacy. 

As far as colours and fabrics are concerned, a classic bathroom usually evokes tones of wood, especially dark shades like walnut. It would therefore be a good idea to choose a blind in neutral colours.

Sunbell venetian blinds have two models that are ideal for classic bathrooms:

  1. Standard. An expression of the “Made in Italy” artisan tradition, with 15 or 25 mm slats, they are available in various colours and with a wide range of colour combinations for profiles and slats.
  2. Legno. Sturdy but elegant, they are produced in an innovative colour palette with natural or matt varnished wood combinations.

Both models are durable, easy to clean and provide the privacy a bathroom needs.

The same advice also applies if you have a bathroom in shabby chic style.

Window coverings for modern-style bathrooms

For modern-style bathrooms, the choice is often roller blinds, as they make the environment elegant and clean.

Sunbell roller blinds offer different fabrics, colours and textures to meet every need for privacy and light.

Your privacy is guaranteed and you can also choose to automate them, i.e. you can operate them remotely.

Think of the convenience of opening and closing them while remaining comfortably immersed in the bath.

Moreover, with their extruded aluminium alloy roller, they guarantee stability and durability.

Avoid lace and flowery fabrics and opt for something bold and geometric.

To enhance space and brightness in a modern bathroom, colours should be based on light shades with a more open texture.

As regards textiles, natural fibres such as linen and cotton are widely used, as they create beautiful chiaroscuro effects while ensuring the entry of natural light.

The Trevira fabrics in the Sunbell roller blind range are made of natural cotton, suitable for a modern style that does not forego the sensation of warmth and well-being provided by natural elements.

Take these tips into account even if you have an industrial-style bathroom with concrete floors and metal decoration.

Window coverings for contemporary-style bathrooms

The contemporary style, often confused with the modern style, has its own unique set of rules. If you have chosen this decor for your bathroom, you are a lover of the latest trends, clean lines and new technologies.

Contemporary bathrooms must meet four essential criteria

  1. comfort;
  2. minimalism;
  3. functionality;
  4. attention to aesthetics.

This is why, in this case, we recommend internal venetian blinds between the glass panes.

They meet all the requirements perfectly, incorporating them in an innovative, state-of-the-art solution:

  • they offer the security of being constantly clean, as the blinds are sealed inside the double glazing of the window;
  • they’re not bulky;
  • they guarantee privacy;
  • they are operated by both manual and automatic systems.

Sunbell double glazing blinds from the Crystal range offer different levels of shading and operation, ensuring simple and intuitive use.

They are available in venetian, pleated and duet styles in neutral colours to suit your contemporary bathroom. 

These tips are also useful if you have a Scandinavian-style bathroom, dedicated to well-being and simplicity.


In this article, we have given you some tips for choosing bathroom window coverings to enhance the décor of the room and, at the same time, to make it welcoming.

Never underestimate blinds as a decorative accessory because they can completely change the look of any room, even the bathroom.

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