Where to find your inspiration for decorating your home

Starting a new decoration project for your home can be great fun: choosing a new style, new colours and all the furniture and accessories that will truly express your personality can be very exciting.

However, after having spent a long time imagining what your home could look like, when it comes to evaluating the many different options available, you might also find yourself feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed.

It’s completely natural, especially when we are unable to clearly visualise everything we would like to have in a room. 

How can you get over this feeling of being overwhelmed?  

It’s pretty easy – just let yourself be inspired by things that are close to your taste so that you will be able to see more images, creative ideas and perfect solutions for your home.

An interior design project is mainly in the detail.

Let’s take a look at where to find inspiration for creating and furnishing a truly unique home.

Get inspiration from Pinterest

When it comes to looking for inspiration on the internet, Google can be a formidable ally, thanks to the millions of pictures that are available to us after even a simple search.

However, if you want to try an even easier and quicker option, Pinterest is interior design heaven for newbies to home decoration.

The website and its smartphone app are very intuitive, and you will only need to search for a keyword to discover lots of new and interesting ideas. 

You can start by searching on the style, or the colour, or even on the name of a furniture accessory, and Pinterest will come up with lots of images you can use to spark your inspiration.

And that’s not all!

By clicking on a picture that you like, other related mood boards will also open, so that you will be able to have a look at lots of different design ideas.

You can also save images in a folder on your profile to keep them for reference.

Pinterest is truly a goldmine for original and creative solutions, but watch out, it can be addictive!

These are some of the profiles we suggest you check out:

Get inspiration from interior design blogs

Another great source of inspiration are bloggers writing about interior design, offering you the chance to explore unique and creative ideas as well as practical solutions.

The main difference with Pinterest is that the suggestions you’ll be offered will always be in tune with the latest trends, as well as showing you some beautiful pictures. 

As well as interior design bloggers, there are also lifestyle blogs focused on creating unique living solutions. 

There are lots of them out there, here are just a few:

Get inspiration from Instagram

Instagram is obviously another very useful platform for finding inspiration for furniture and interior design projects, even when they are a work in progress. 

Using specific hashtags, you will be able to find the most followed accounts in the world dedicated to new creative ideas or DIY solutions.

Here are a few suggestions that will surprise you:

Let’s take a look also at the most popular design influencers, here.

Get inspiration from magazines

Before the internet, industry magazines were one of the first places people looked for inspiration and it’s important not to forget this option still exists today. 

If you like the feeling of leafing through the glossy pages of an interior design magazine, you can still do it by looking at publications like Elle Decor or AD Architectural Digest.

You can luxuriate in everything you need or want: images of the most beautiful homes, projects by famous architects and the interior design industry’s latest trends

Get inspiration from your own life 

Being inspired by someone else is perfectly fine, but don’t forget that we are talking about your home, and it should be an extension of your personality

Always try to remember the things that you like and let yourself be inspired by what your inner self suggests: your favourite music, a story, an unforgettable book, a beautiful trip, etc.

All these things can give you lots useful ideas about what you want to have around you in your everyday life.

Your passions can also help you: art exhibitions, concerts and places you’ve visited have settings, colours and styles that can inspire you to add that little something extra special to your house.

Finally, make sure you leave some space for your home to change because, over the years, just like you, your home will develop new needs and want to experience new things.

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