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How to combine curtains with furnishings

The curtains have the task of guaranteeing privacy and isolation to your home, but they are not limited to this, because they impact conspicuously on the atmosphere of a room.

For this reason, combining curtains with furnishings, through a careful choice of fabric, dimensions and colors, is really important.

In the first instance, we advise you to start selecting the curtains only when you have defined the color of the walls, furnished the house and taken care of all the details.

This will allow you to have a more complete overview, both of the desired style for your home and of the various chromatic shades to be adopted, and will prevent you from finding yourself with curtains which are completely disharmonious with the rest of the environment.

Let’s see together how to match the curtains to the furniture and what you need to evaluate to choose the ones that best suits the needs of your home.

How to combine curtains with furnishings: evaluate functionality

When you choose the curtains to match the style of your home, the first thing you will think about will be fabrics, colors and prints.

Of course, these are important elements, but first of all you should stop and think about the practical and functional aspect.

Try to make a list of the requirements that the curtains should meet in your home, such as the intensity of light to be filtered from the outside, the privacy to be obtained, the space occupied and the type of hook you intend (or can) use.

These considerations will help you to choose the model and the appropriate fabric, but they will also give you a way to understand if you need simple or more innovative curtains.

Choosing between a traditional curtain, a Venetian blind or a curtain inside the double glazing can seem complicated, but it will be a choice that could improve the quality of your life.

Once you have clear ideas about the functionality of the curtains, you can move on choosing other elements.

How to combine curtains with furniture: fabric

After identifying everything the curtains should offer, it is time to understand which type of fabric will best suit your purpose.

Heavier fabrics, such as silk or velvet, create more drama and give the environment a more formal touch.

They are perfect for classic and elegant furnishings, they guarantee privacy because they are blackout, but this means, however, that they will prevent light from entering.

If, on the other hand, your home has a more casual and modern style, then you can opt for cotton curtains, which are very versatile and easy to care of.

If you choose this kind of curtains, which are lighter and more transparent, you will have a lot of natural light in your room, but less privacy.

Being a lighter and also more transparent fabric, they allow a lot of natural light to enter, but in this case your privacy will be reduced.

How to combine curtains with furnishings: colors

Once you have identified the features of the curtains you need and have chosen the fabric, it’s time to think about the colors.

This is the fun part!

When selecting a color for your curtains, consider the effect you want in the environment.

You need to evaluate if you want them to be completely harmonious with the furniture, so as to pass unnoticed, or if you prefer them to stand out.

For a more toned down effect, you have to choose shades of color that recall the color of the walls or furniture.

While to make them important at a glance, you have to create a strong visual contrast, choosing curtains of an intense color that stand out against the walls.

This choice will add another exciting element to the environment.

Generally speaking, lighter colors gives their best with natural light, illuminate the room and ventilate better, so they would be suitable for contrasting dark-colored furniture.

The darker colors, on the other hand, will seem heavier and warmer, suitable to give elegance and formality to a furniture with light shades.

However, the most important thing, which you should not forget, is to choose a color you love and you will be thrilled to live every day, since curtains will play an important role in the overall aesthetics of your room.

How to combine curtains with furnishings: prints, patterns and design

After choosing the color, you can evaluate if it is appropriate for your curtains to have particular prints, patterns or design.

If you have the furniture of a specific style for which you have also purchased matching linen, then choosing the type of pattern for the curtains will be easier.

For large rooms, especially with solid color furniture, the most suitable curtains are those with large graphic prints, which always give an extra touch.

Small neutral prints, like dots or small stripes, are suitable for those rooms with colorful furnishings.

How to combine curtains with furniture: rely on an expert

As you will have understood, the choice of curtains for your home can be fun and will require a lot of attention, but in some passages it will be better to rely on the advice of an expert.

You could be in doubt about how to measure the windows for the choice of curtains or you would prefer to install more technological and functional models.

In these cases the opinion of someone who knows the industry could be the best solution.

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