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Roll-ups are designed to answer to many different needs. The product, for internal and external use, guarantees to shield from heat and UV rays, regulation of light, privacy, temperature cooling, design, reduction of thermal dispersion, darkening of the spaces, natural ventilation, always offering an elegant visual impact in any kind of use and installation.


When it comes to roll-ups, Sunbell has chosen a set of fabrics of various composition and colors. The roll-ups are made of an aluminium (EN AW – 6060 T5) winding roll of a diameter of 43mm for standard roll-ups and of 48 mm for bigger models.

The higher rail to be placed on the ceiling or a wall for the fastening of the roll and the backdrop is also made in aluminum EN AW – 6060 T5 and is available in white and oxidised silver color. The support fixtures are provided depending on the width of the roll up.

Roll Ups Model


Blackout fabrics protect from solar light and heat thanks to their thermic isolation properties. Ideal for spaces like bedrooms to guarantee maximum privacy and total darkness when sleeping. They are available in two different models:

  • – Spreaded PVC
  • – One side PVC, one side fabric

The Screen fabrics are very popular as they offer many advantages. Available in different designs, color pairings and aperture factor (5%, 3% e 1%) to guarantee a diffuse luminosity or a substantial cover but not complete darkness. To clean them you need to use a slightly dampened cloth.


This fabric is made of recyclable material and is designed for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact and go for a green option, without giving up on quality, durability and energy efficiency.


Coton represents a guarantee as it’s a natural fiber, extremely versatile and compatible with every room in a house, especially the bedrooms.

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